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  • 12 Mar 2019

5 Extremely Effective Speed Solutions that Can Help Improve Website Loading Speed

The digital world doesn’t go by the age old adage ‘patience is virtue’. In fact, even a second’s delay may result in poor customer experience resulting in reduced page views and low rate of conversions. In fact, more than 47 per cent people expect a web page to load within 2 seconds and will abandon it if takes more than three seconds to load.

According to Research report by Abeerdeen group, 1-second deferral in page load time yields 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, 11% lesser page views and 7% loss in conversions.

These figures clearly indicate that ensuring faster loading time for your website isn’t just critical for ranking well in Google, but to improve the bottom-line profits of your business. Listed below are few things that can help every webmaster to improve the loading speed of their site while enjoy higher profits:

Reduce HTTP Request

As a matter of fact, the number of on-page components determines the speed of a site. This is because, every time you try loading a page, 80 per cent of the time is spent in downloading the different components with an HTTP request being sent for each element. So, the best way to improve site speed is to streamline the design.

Decrease the Number of Plugins

Too many plugins can slow down the speed of your site; create technical difficulties and security issues. It thus becomes important to identify unnecessary plugins that harm and slow down your site. You need to then weed out these harmful plugins to ensure faster site loading time.

Browser Caching

Rather than making your visitors’ download the same things time and again, you have the option to enable browser caching. This allows site owners to store some data on the visitor’s site temporarily thereby reducing site loading time. However, the time period for which the data can be stored depends on server-side cache settings and browser configuration.

Optimize Images

As a matter of fact, large size images taker longer time to load. You can optimize the images by scaling them properly that too before you upload them to your site. You can also choose to reduce their size of the images drastically by using certain tools to compress them

Optimize CSS

The CSS of your site usually loads before people could view your site. However, if it takes too long for the CSS to get downloaded, your visitors would have to wait for longer period of time. In order to optimize the CSS, you need to get rid of the unnecessary code in your files. Also you need to reduce the size of your CSS files. This helps in minimizing extra spaces from the code.

So, these are few effective ways that can help you speed up your website if it is taking longer than usual page load time.