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  • 16 Apr 2019

5 Proven and Tested Methods for Increasing Your App Engagement Numbers

Developing mobile apps has become an essential marketing strategy for businesses that are looking to broaden their presence amongst a wider audience base. However, getting a robust app developed for your business is no longer sufficient. To achieve your business objectives, it’s important to make your app all the more engaging and appealing for the users. A reliable app engagement strategy that can help you achieve business objectives is something that you require to succeed in various stages of monetization and retention. If your application fails to engage the users, they are not likely to use it again.

“Studies suggest that users abandon 20% of Apps after using them just once, and have an average of 30 apps on their device at any point.

Hence, it makes sense to develop your App in an engaging way that also makes it align with your overall mobile app marketing and branding strategy. However, building an engaging app requires much more than exciting idea so as to break through the noise of the app stores. In fact, businesses require proven strategies to drive engagement for your app.

Listed below are 10 tactics that can help customers to improve their app engagement numbers.

Seamless On boarding

On boarding is all about getting your users to use your app and educating them about the benefits of your app. Therefore, it is important to provide your users with a seamless on boarding experience. This will not just help in reducing abandonment rates but will also increase user lifetime value significantly.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are efficient in drawing user’s attention at the right time and directly sending them to your app so as to perform a particular action. Users who have opted to receive these notifications have not just exhibited higher app engagement but also increase in user retention.

Deep Linking

When deep linking is used in an app, notifications sent through push or SMS become all the more powerful. This is one reason why leading market players like Apple and Google are investing on their tactics for deep linking.

Allow Users to Contact You Easily

The essence of your app lies in getting feedback from your users. By providing easy access to your FAQ or knowledge base or ways to get in touch with you, you will be able to increase engagement.

Providing Incentives

By providing your users with some sort of incentive to use your app, you will be able to drive engagement and retention. Providing users with specialized content access, mobile-specific rewards, and other offers will help drive conversions.

These are some very crucial methods that can significantly augment user engagement and retention of your app while leaving a high impact in the highly competitive app landscape.