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  • 27 Apr 2019

Proven Best Practices for Creating Perfect Ecommerce User Experience for Mobile

Almost a decade ago, could anyone of us imagine that one day we would be able to search, review, and buy goods on a mobile device? A prompt ‘No’ would be the answer. As compared to yesteryears where information was available only through an internet connected computer, today, even the most average consumers are experiencing easy access to information through mobile devices. With this businesses are experiencing new ways of interacting with their customers.

Today, with the amazing growth of eCommerce, mobile ecommerce has also witnessed tremendous growth. For marketers, mobile ecommerce accounts for the largest pie of the giant online market. Regardless of the high sales numbers, most users still remain concerned about the confidentiality of their financial data while making a purchase using mobile devices. Apart from this, most eCommerce sites lack some core mobile UX components, which results in low customer satisfaction resulting in low rate of conversion.

Listed below are some UX best practices for mobile ecommerce that can augment the success rate of your business:

Support High Resolution Images along with Image Zooming

As a matter of fact, mobile shoppers would like to explore the product thoroughly and would like to inspect smallest of details. They thus have a tendency to use gestures such as pinching and double tapping so as to zoom in the image. Sites that do not support these gestures for zooming in the image have lesser turnovers as compared to those that support these gestures.

Use ‘Save Shopping Cart’ Feature

A major barrier to commerce via mobile devices is the small screen size of these devices. In fact, a vast majority of users use their desktop to complete their purchase rather than their mobile phones. By adding ‘Save shopping cart’ feature to your site, you will be able to reduce cart abandonments and save products for later purchase.

Use Well-labelled Forms

It’s important to give due consideration to the UX design of an eCommerce site. This eliminates confusion and allows users to complete mobile forms as fast as possible

Provide Easy Interaction

Ecommerce site owners can provide a better user experience to the visitors by comprehending the most common ways how shoppers interact with and use their mobile devices. Understanding these behavioural patterns can help site owners guide mobile UX design.


Security remains one of the major concerns for users while making a purchase on mobile devices. By communicating users regarding their safe transactions, site owners would be able to create a positive perception in the minds of shoppers regarding their store.

These are few of the many best practices that can help users craft a perfect ecommerce user experience for mobile.