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  • 10 Mar 2019

Noteworthy Tips for Selling Premium Word Press Themes

What is it that gives life to the front end styling of your Word Press site? It is certainly the word press theme. However, the market for premium Word press themes has grown significantly over the years as compared to their traditional counterparts. This could be attributed to growing awareness amongst businesses that are now more than willing to pay for high quality premium themes. Also since premium themes are sold with customer support, it comes with a huge selling point.

A good premium theme unlike its traditional counterpart comes with a price. However, they are worth their price as themes besides being fully-featured provide good customer experience. In fact, most of the premium themes have features like built in premium plugins, Responsive design, good documentation and much more.

Guide to Selling Premium Wordpress Themes

These days, selling Word press themes have become a great way for designers to increase their income. This is because Word press is an open source, popular CMS with huge community of developers. Apart from this, these themes make for a passive recurring income as it allows designers to list their designs in theme marketplace where customers can easily view and purchase them.

While the design of your theme plays a significant role in its success, it’s always not the case. Many a times even the most premium themes don’t sell well. In that case, designers will have to develop a library with different styles and designs as per current industry trends so as to stay on top. Clean themes that are focused on functionality and user-experience are usually preferred by customers and thus sell well. Though, talent and creativity remain important, it’s equally important to adopt right marketing strategies without which your word press themes would be as good as non-existent.

There are certain methods that will help you sell WordPress themes and make money almost instantly! You may either opt to submit your theme to theme marketplace or create a framework, that has a store or a gallery where you can add your theme. You may also opt to market your theme yourself by creating your own site and submit its free version to with an option to upgrade it.

Final Words:

There are pros and cons to each of these options. While submitting your theme to a marketplace can increase your visibility, as well as audience base, marketing the theme on your own will help you increase your profit margins significantly. So, whatever you opt for, do ensure that you leverage social and professional networks to promote your premium theme.