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  • 5 Mar 2019

Paid Social Media: How well are Marketers Using Them?

Using social media to accomplish marketing objectives has become more of a necessity with paid social media becoming critical aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Done appropriately, paid social media can turn out to be a promising opportunity for drawing in new visitors to your site. So, what is paid social media and how are marketers leveraging this channel to ramp up their business.

What is Paid Social Media?

Unlike free tools like a Facebook page, YouTube Channel or a Twitter account, paid social utilizes sponsored ads to boost the presence of your website in third party pages and feeds. By utilizing certain demographic tools, paid social media helps you reach your target audience in the most effective way. Let’s take a sneak peek into how marketers are leveraging this channel:

Today, more than 70 per cent of marketers are heavily investing in paid media to remain in front of their customers. However, it’s important for them to ensure that their social media presence substantiates their spending.

Majority of marketers are pulling away resources from other channels to paid social ads. With limited resources and too many marketing tactics to go by, marketers are trying to identify the tactics that are working sluggishly so that they can divert their resources.

Marketers are using paid social media ads as a cohesive cross-platform tactic. Rather than relying on a single tactic, it’s beneficial to leverage cross-platform marketing so as to spread brand message uniformly across different channels.

Most advertisers and agencies are using paid social media ads for raising brand awareness rather than any other activity such as direct-response objectives. By focusing on influencing their audience with positive sentiments, marketers will be able to create more awareness.

Though, likes, click-through rates and repins are effective in measuring paid social media ad ROI, these metrics aren’t sufficient to track brand lift and sales. It therefore becomes important for them to figure out a way to send their social media fans to their website. A great way to do this is to link their paid social ads to the landing page with a registration form for gathering names and email addresses.


Paid social media is a relatively new territory for most marketers. However, given the current scenario, this tactic is sure to attain phenomenal success in the near future. In fact, more and more digital marketers are leveraging this platform along with other forms of advertising to remain in front of customers.