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  • 2 Mar 2019

Magento 2: Revolutionizing Ecommerce Development

Undoubtedly, Magento is the largest ecommerce platform and has been around for quite some time now due to its feature-rich and extensible code-base. Today, ecommerce development companies have witnessed the incarnation of a new version i.e. Magento 2, which indeed is better and revised version of the earlier version i.e. Magento 1.

If you have already used previous version of Magento, you must be well aware of flexible and useful features. However, Magento 2, which is a highly optimized and improved version of Magento takes development experience to a whole new level, by creating an extremely scalable and user-friendly eCommerce environment. This new version has indeed become the default platform for several SME retailers as it aims to provide new ways of augmenting user engagement, ensuring smoother navigation while improving conversion rates and overall revenue generation for entrepreneurs.

Though, there’s no uncertainty regarding the prominence of Magento 2 in the field of ecommerce web development services. But before you can benefit from it, marketers need to address this important question ‘which edition is appropriate for your business?’

Magento 2 was released with 2 new editions:

Magento Open Source i.e. the community edition

Magento Commerce i.e. Magento 2 Enterprise Edition

Magento 2 Community Edition:

Amazing Architecture

Magento 2 provides a new upgrade architecture that is more powerful, scalable and customizable compared to the previous version. In fact, the upgraded architecture allows developers to create desired products with ultimate functionalities and features.

Highly customizable

This new version benefits significantly from all the perks being open source including cost, customization, quality and security.

Great Speed and Full-page Caching

Magento 2 offers much better performance than its previous version. This new version allows sites to use FPC (Full-page caching), which reduces server load and response time.

Multiple Extensions

Magento 2 offers powerful extensions that are quick and easy to install and integrate.

Improved SEO

Using Magento 2 as your ecommerce development platform allows customers to find your site more easily. This is because the new version provides different meta-tags for different categories, CMS and products. Consequently, the ranking of your site improves as search engines understand its legitimacy.

Payment Gateways

version offers several other gateways via extensions. It offers third-party secure and convenient payment gateways.

Highly Scalable

Magento 2 allows developers to upgrade their website as per their changing requirement thereby providing great experience to users. Apart from this, this platform offers a secure experience to site owners as it has been re-written with high security in mind.

Robust Backup System

A poor back-up system is a real pain for developers. New version of Magento offers a robust back-up system that helps in restoring files and databases that were created earlier. By offering sophisticated back-ups, it limits data loss.

Magento Commerce:

This edition is usually preferred by large eCommerce merchants because of their expandable businesses. This edition offers the following features:

Advanced Analytics

This platform allows businesses to integrate their store with Google Analytics, which helps to analyse your audience and optimize content. It also offers some out-of-the box reporting features that help provide reports on sales, marketing, products etc.

Visual Merchandiser

This feature allows easy development of Magento ecommerce websites as it allows store owners to build customized product displays by dragging and dropping website content.

Gift Cards

This new version allows site owners offer perks that can be useful in attracting customers. This increases the conversion rate of your site.

24x7 Support

The technical and account support available by this platform is matchless and is therefore extremely beneficial for enterprise clients.

With such comprehensive information regarding Magento 2 and its edition, marketers can make their choice easily. Even if marketers fail to choose the right platform, they have the option to switch between editions.