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  • 28 Mar 2019

Woocommerce or Shopify – Which is Your Best Bet?

If you have made up your mind to build an e commerce store then Word press is certainly the most appropriate e commerce platform. This amazing platform that once used to merely be a blogging platform has evolved to become one of the most preferred website development platform including complex e commerce sites and portals. The popularity of this platform can be attributed to the ease of usability, as well as huge repository of modules, plugins and themes.

As a matter of fact, choosing the right plugin for setting up your online store is crucial for your business as it offers better and more opportunity for growth. While Word press offers several plugins and module, we will discuss about the two most prominent and best ones. However, your choice of an ecommerce platform depends largely on your individual needs.

Shopify Vs Woocommerce

We have tried to draw a clear comparison between these two amazing platforms basis certain parameters such as cost, ease of usage, payment methods, integrations, scalability and more. This will help you decide which platform would best meet your needs.


When it comes to cost, Woo commerce emerges as a clear winner. This is because Woo commerce is an open source platform and is freely available. Apart from free alternatives to paid extensions, Woo Commerce also offers free themes and addons, which helps store owners to keep cost in control.

Ease of Usage

In terms of user-friendliness, Shopify takes away the pie. Unlike Woocommerce where everything from installation, managing or updating software and website security needs to be maintained by site owners, Shopify being a fully hosted platform is a complete breeze for site owners. Furthermore, with an intuitive drag and drop interface, Shopify allows hassle-free and easy management of products and inventory

Payment Methods

For payment gateways, Woo Commerce supports several payment service providers. Moreover, any service provider can create add-ons and provide support for it as there is no barrier to entry. So, if you opt for your own merchant account and use a third-party payment gateway then Woo commerce is perfect for you. However, if you are a small store owner then using Shopify Payments that offers same rates as Paypal is worthy. Here there is a tie between the two platforms.


When it comes to add-ons and integrations, Woo commerce has a clear edge over Shopify due to low barrier entry. In fact, much more addons and integrations are available for Woo Commerce than Shopify. Here Woocommerce emerges as a clear winner.


As compared to Woo commerce, managing all the technical aspects of a store with Shopify is a complete breeze for store owners. With Shopify as an ecommerce platform, store owners need not worry about performance, security, and scalability.

With all that said, you are sure to find yourself in a comfortable position when it comes to choosing an appropriate ecommerce platform.

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Whether you are looking for a cost-effective solution (Woo commerce) or a hassle-free solution with infinite scalability (Shopify), you can make your choice as per your requirements.

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Shopify or Woo commerce – What is your preferred choice?

Looking for a perfect ecommerce platform that can handle all your ecommerce needs? Make your choice between the two most popular and efficient platforms i.e. Woo commerce and Shopify.