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SEO Manager

Experience: 3+ years
Location: Noida

Job Responsibilities:

  • Handling end to end Digital Marketing activities across social media platforms and search engines.
  • Setting Short term & Long term marketing goals for the Brand.
  • Plan and execute Website /Online initiatives, SEO/SEM, all forms of communications such as emails, blogging, and display advertising campaigns.
  • Implement innovative social media campaigns across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Instagram, +, blogging-based platforms, etc.
  • Drive Mobile marketing strategy & plan as well as Social Media Strategy & Plan.
  • Optimize search campaigns regularly for maximizing the output - keyword optimization, ad copy optimization, campaign optimization, landing page optimization.
  • Experience with website analysis using a variety of analytics tools including Google Analytics as well as an internal reporting tool and popular keyword tools (Google, WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, etc.)
  • Must have experience in PPC

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